Health benefits of blood oranges

The 6 Unique Health Benefits of Blood Oranges

You’ve probably heard that there is a variety of sweet oranges, but you’ve not heard that blood oranges fall on that list. So, you’re wondering are health benefits of blood oranges before spending your hard-earned money, right? 

Blood oranges are classified as citrus fruits with a dark, vibrant, and distinct color. Their crimson flesh is rich in minerals, essential antioxidants, and vitamins. The anthocyanin compounds, inclusive of chrysanthemin, are responsible for giving this fruit its unique hue. 

Originally grown in Italy, there are three main types of blood oranges, 

  • The Sanguinetii
  • The Tarocco
  • The Moro

The three varieties have different flavors, but their nutritional value and health benefits remain the same.

Below, we shall look at several benefits of this fruit and more.

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Health Benefits Of Blood Oranges

A range of health benefits of blood oranges are associated with the anthocyanins content. These health benefits include preventing cardiovascular disease (CVD), cancer, diabetes, the growth of new blood vessels that encourage the growth of tumors, and obesity. 

In addition, like the cara cara oranges, blood oranges improve visual health and boost neuroprotection. 

Below, I will discuss some of these health benefits so you know what you get by eating one blood orange daily.

Helps Women To Have A Healthy Pregnancy 

Blood oranges have essential nutrients; they’re a good source of fiber, folate, and vitamin C, hence may help in the development and growth of the pregnancy. 

Vitamin C is essential during pregnancy, especially during mid-pregnancy, as it helps improve the fetus and the infant’s growth up to 6 months. 

Conversely, fiber may lower the chances of developing pregnancy-related issues such as constipation, preeclampsia, and diabetes. Folate prevents the occurrence of birth defects such as neural tubes and others.

Though citrus fruits such as blood oranges may benefit both mother and baby during pregnancy, the baby also benefits from the nutrients in these fruits even after birth. 

Boosts Immune System

Oranges have been a great aid whenever I feel like a cold or a cough is trying to catch up with me. Try them! 

When you take blood oranges, the immune function strengthens, and the chances of falling sick lowers. 

Also, most respiratory infections weaken or cease when you take vitamin C supplements. Besides, the presence of antioxidants in the blood oranges also helps protect the body against heart disease, type two diabetes, and cancer, among other chronic conditions. 

These antioxidants effectively neutralize the effects of free radicals in the body, thereby reducing inflammation and safeguarding your body against cell damage.

Aids In Weight Loss

Blood oranges have a low-calorie content, so they’re great for weight loss. So, consider eating one orange fruit daily besides your 1 Hour Workout Routine To Lose Weight At Home

Besides, these citrus fruits are rich in fiber and high in water. Each serving of blood oranges contains 3 grams of fiber. While fiber makes you feel full longer, water keeps you full and hydrated.

Therefore, taking a glass of cactus water and several slices of oranges will keep you full longer and hydrated and keep the doctor away.

Boosts Gut Health

Aside from keeping you full, fiber promotes microbiome gut health. These bacteria are found in the digestive tract of your body. 

Just so you know, blood oranges have two types of fiber:

  • Soluble
  • Insoluble

Soluble fiber: When the soluble fiber gets into your stomach, it becomes a gel to absorb cholesterol before it enters the bloodstream. Hence, cholesterol levels in your body lower. 

Insoluble fiber: Boosts healthy digestion of food in your body and provides the good bacteria found in the gut with something to eat. This type of fiber is prebiotic.

Rich In Cancer-Fighting Properties

Chrysanthemin compounds cause the unique color found in the blood-orange flesh. This compound is one of the cancer-fighting antioxidants. Coumaric, Caffeic and ferulic acids are other antioxidants that aid in fighting cancer in the body. 

Test tube tests showed that chrysanthemin prevented the prostate cancer cells’ growth and spread. Other studies confirm that citrus fruits such as blood oranges may also aid in the prevention of other cancers such as oral, lung, and stomach cancers. 

Packed With Nutrients

As with green tomatoes, fresh blood oranges are rich in antioxidants, which help keep oxidative stress away. This powerful antioxidant also minimizes the chances of developing chronic diseases, as seen above. 

One blood orange is packed with the following:

  • Dietary fibre: 3 grams
  • Protein: 1 gram
  • Carbs: 15 grams
  • Calories: 69
  • Fat: 0.6 grams
  • Sugar: 12 grams

In addition to the nutrients mentioned and discussed above, other nutrients found in blood oranges are.

  • Manganese
  • Vitamin A
  • Potassium
  • Anthocyanins

Are Blood Oranges As Healthy As Regular Oranges?

Blood oranges are as healthy as regular ones because they’re a great source of fiber, vitamins A and C, potassium, minerals, and folate. One key difference between the blood oranges and the regular oranges is that the ‘bloody’ ones have high anthocyanin content. 

Due to anthocyanin content, people who took blood oranges had lesser chances of being obese than those who ate regular oranges. 

Besides taking the same amount of calories from both fruits, those who ate the bloody oranges had lower body fat and weight gain than those who ate the regular oranges. 

Do you have a problem with acid reflux?  Blood oranges are the best citrus fruits for people with gastrointestinal issues as they are less acidic. Whether you blend and take the juice, squeeze it on your vegetable salad, or simply eat whole-blood oranges, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of their nutrients.

How Many Blood Oranges Should I Eat A Day?

You can eat one or two blood oranges a day. Two are a great choice for those aiming to lose weight and one for those not on a weight loss journey. 

Alternatively, juice the blood orange slices. Drink one medium cup for normal weight but one large one for weight loss. 

Do Blood Oranges Burn Fat?

Blood oranges burn fat. Blood oranges contain cyanidin 3-glucoside and other Anthocyanins. Anthocyanins help burn body fat by modulating anti-inflammatory, metabolic, and antioxidant pathways. 

Is Blood Orange Good For The Face?

Yes, blood orange is good for the face regardless of our skin type. It keeps the skin hydrated. However, most people consider it the best for congested and oil skin. Blood oranges do not contain furanocoumarins, which could cause skin cancers. 

Parting Shot

Next time you visit the grocery stores, don’t forget to buy blood oranges, especially during the warm days when they’re in season. Rich in cancer-fighting antioxidants, blood oranges also strengthen the immune response, boosting overall health.

Eating one or two oranges daily will give you a healthy weight, boost your skin health, and lower your chances of developing deadly diseases such as high blood pressure.

Consult your doctor if you have any health complications so that they can confirm if you should eat blood oranges or not.

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