4 Hour Body Workout at Home

The Most Effective 4 Hour Body Workout at Home

If you spend your weekends at home, you could use that time to lose any dangerous body fat. A 4 hour body workout at home works by helping people lose weight up to 10 pounds. It’s, however, best to do a low-intensity cardio workout to reap all the benefits (more on that later).

A 4-hour body workout works if you do low-intensity cardio. For HIIT, combine it with a good diet to get results. Do the 4-hour body workout plus dieting – avoid drinking calories and eating white carbohydrates, among others. You can get ripped in 4 weeks, but it may take longer if you’re overweight.

This article is for you if you’re looking for the most effective way of maximizing your weight loss goals in four hours!

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4 Hour Body Workout At Home

Call a spade a spade – 4 hours of intensive workout may seem the best way to lose weight fast, but that’s far from the truth! You read that right! On the contrary, low-intensity hours of gym time or home workouts are ideal for weight loss. 

Let me explain. 

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 4 hour body workout at home demands a lot of your body energy to keep you going.

Consequently, most people take more food in a day than they should. In return, their weight loss goals get aborted indefinitely!

So, unless you want to do HIIT and reduce caloric intake, stick to low-intensity cardio workouts such as; 

  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Light jogging
  • Single leg stretch Pilates workout

In only a few minutes, let’s learn how to do the above cardio professionally. 


One of the best workouts to do every day is cycling. Since it’s a 4 hour body workout at home, it would help to cycle around the compound at a moderate speed so as to keep going. Alternatively, you can cycle when going to the market to buy your weekly veggies or visit friends in the nearby town. 

Cycling for four hours may be more bearable than running for the same duration unless running at a moderate pace. Even so, running and cycling are great workouts that help increase the heartbeat, which is essential for your health. 

Though cycling may not be the best workout for belly fat loss, it’s effective since it’s an aerobic exercise that involves all body muscles, the most involved being the glutes and quads.

Choosing cycling as the best 4 hour body workout at home can be effective in losing weight, burning calories, and giving you the shape you would love since it involves all muscles, upper and lower body muscles. Thankfully, it’s easy to learn how to cycle. Begin today. 

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Did you know that you can do cardio just to the market and back home? Yes, walking is effective in burning calories, losing many pounds of fat, improving your sex life, and heightening your heartbeat rate. 

However, though 30-minute workouts, specifically walking, would still be enough cardio, it would help if you walked much longer to reap more health benefits. If you walk for cardio, you might have to increase your pace to approximately 3 miles per hour, commonly referred to as brisk walking. 

It’s, however, better to walk faster than longer because walking faster increases heartbeats, which is essential in preventing chronic ailments such as cancer, hypertension, and diabetes. Other diseases that may never cross your line include dementia and cancer, which means you have more chances of living longer than people who never walk! 

A good distance to walk instead of a 4 hour body workout at home would be 5 miles or more each day. That’s equivalent to about 10 000 steps, and you need not less than 1 hour and 45 minutes to walk such a distance. Not so with a 70-year-old; such people should walk approximately 2000 steps daily, at most, 9 000 steps. To reap more health benefits, 70 years old can go the extra mile and walk around 11,000 steps daily.

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Everyone, from kids to adults love swimming, and that’s why it’s an excellent and easy 4 hour body workout at home. It’s a great workout for anyone looking for the best cardiovascular system and entire body workout. 

With a home pool, you don’t need hours of gym time as swimming is enough for cardiovascular, and it helps keep type two diabetes off your life. In addition, swimming prevents heart disease, depression due to the release of happy hormones, and stroke. 

Due to water resistance, you need to use more energy to swim; hence swimming becomes better cardio than running.

Nevertheless, to make swimming a great cardio workout, swim for not less than 20 minutes so as to increase your heartbeat rate. Otherwise, it won’t be a cardio exercise. 

If you want to lose weight, consider swimming the best cardio. Swimming moderately helps people weighing approximately 160 pounds burn at least 1692 calories in 4 hours of swimming. That’s equivalent to 423 calories in 60 minutes. 

Better said, swimming vigorously helps burn more calories though you may not do it for many hours due to high water resistance.

Light Jogging

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), ⅓ of stroke and heart attack deaths are premature, and they affect people 70 years and below. Therefore, light jogs are incredibly beneficial in that they lower deaths related to any Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), for example, heart attack and stroke. 

Slow jogging, as done by elite athletes, is suitable cardio as it boosts your heart health by improving the rate at which it beats. In return, oxygen easily gets to all your body parts and reduces the chances of getting a deadly stroke. So, when you jog, you make it easy for the heart as it works better. 

While it would be impossible to jog in place when doing a 4 hour body workout at home, it is so easy to jog for the same duration while on the road. The latter is more beneficial since your breathing rate increases as your heartbeat increases. 

When starting, incorporate light jogging in your 20 minutes cardio workout, three days each week, and then increase the duration with time. 

Single Leg Stretch Pilates Workout

A single-leg stretch Pilates works out the abdominal muscles and strengthens them. Additionally, it makes the spine stable and reduces fat around the lower tummy. Single-leg stretches are also ideal for strengthening the torso. 

Your stability, general endurance, and body coordination improve as you do the single-leg stretch Pilates. Moreover, you can tone the legs through a single leg stretch. The exercise is also ideal for toning the thighs and glutes.

It’s possible to see Pilates results in about 2 to 3 weeks if you do them 2 to 3 times each week. 

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So, how do you do a single straight leg stretch in Pilates?

  • Lie on the working-out mat facing the ceiling
  • While lying there, carefully lift the head, shoulder, and neck concurrently
  • Stretch both legs and arms straight up to the roof
  •  Using both arms, hold the back of one leg at the ankle level. For beginners or intermediates, that might be more of a struggle. So, you can hold your leg behind the curve or your thigh. 
  • While at it, fully stretch the other leg so that its toes point straight away from you 
  • Now, pull the leg you’re holding towards you; you can do so once, twice, or thrice. Whatever works for you, go for it.
  • Alternate the legs, holding the other leg behind the ankle and pulling it to yourself while the other stretches away.
  • Once you’ve had enough stretches, fold your legs, and hold them with both arms as you move your head, neck, and shoulders back so as to rest on the exercise mat.

4 Hour Body Workout at Home Slow Carb Diet

As previously stated at the beginning of this article, a 4-hour HIIT would make you eat more than you ought to unless you don’t intend to lose weight. Therefore, if your goal is to do the workouts to lose weight and keep any deadly diseases off your life, combine the 4 hours of HIIT with a good diet. 

Derived from the book, The 4-Hour Body, whose author is Timothy Ferriss, a slow-carb diet has a strict rule which forbids eating and drinking sugary drinks. Sugary fruits and foods are also forbidden in this diet. 

When you choose the slow-carb diet, you only take fats, animal protein, legumes, spices, and vegetables. 

The diet allows the intake of slow carbs but in limited amounts. 

Are Slow Carbs Good for You?

Indeed, slow carbs are incredibly good for you because of the following reasons:

  • They boost stable, good blood sugars
  • They’re packed with fiber
  • They contain minerals and other vital nutrients
  • They take longer to digest hence keeping you full for many hours.

When you eat low-carb foods, you slow down the impacts on blood sugar. 

So, why are slow-digesting carbs better? 

Slow-digesting carbs are better because it takes longer before they’re fully digested. In return, blood sugar levels don’t go up quickly, as is the case when you take white carbohydrates such as white rice. For this reason, medics recommend eating brown rice, bread, oats, and pasta.

Does slow-carb put you in ketosis, therefore? Often, people mix up low-carb and slow-carb. While low-carb allows you to take carbohydrates of not more than 100 grams, slow-carb prohibits its intake. You won’t get into ketosis through a slow-carb diet.

According to Ferriss, do the slow-carb diet for six days — strictly sticking to it. Your diet should therefore be made of high-protein and low carb. During the six days, your body will get its energy from the body fat, making it possible to break down all body fat stores. 

The Timothy Ferriss Diet

As aforementioned, the Ferriss diet prohibits various foods. Below, we shall discuss the 4-hour body Ferriss diet, mainly focusing on what not to eat.


We’ve always been taught to eat fruits at least once daily. Ferriss says otherwise: Don’t eat fruits as they contain sugars that make it difficult to lose weight. Also, avoid fruit juice as it contains fructose and soft drinks. 

As much as they contain vitamins and minerals, essential for your body, they also contain fructose, which significantly hinders your weight loss goals. 

So, to get the same vitamins and minerals, Ferriss recommends eating vegetables. 

Dairy Products

Except for cottage cheese, you should avoid dairy products. Here’s why. They contain a high glycemic index. In this regard, they’re likely to contribute to the increase of insulin levels, leading to high body mass. 

So, to reap the benefits of the 4 hour body workout at home, avoid every other dairy product, for example, yogurt, cheese, butter, and ice cream. Soy milk should also be out of your diet. 

Deep Fried Foods

Fried foods such as chips delight most people, especially during festivals, holidays, and celebrations. 

Though a delight, these foods take many to the grave every day as they’re the world’s number one cause of heart failure, stroke, coronary artery disease, and heart attack. 

They’re great at increasing body mass, which isn’t ideal. Avoid fried foods unless it’s a cheat day. 

What To Avoid to Get Awesome Results from the 4-hour Body Workout

To avoid weight gain when doing a 4 hour body workout at home, there are a few things you need to embrace, for example:

  • Carry clean drinking water
  • Eat at home
  • Do enough exercise
  • Keep off the kitchen
  • Avoid skipping breakfast
  • Have more veggies in your diet  

Can we discuss the above in a few minutes?

Read on. 

Carry Water

You cannot do a 4 hour body workout at home and not take enough water. That’s dangerous healthwise as your body is like to dehydrate.

So, always carry a bottle of water. It can be warm or cold water based on your preferences and weather conditions. Cold water is an excellent choice for hot days since it eliminates the chances of buying colored drinks when thirst suddenly strikes.

Warm/hot water is ideal for cold seasons. It helps keep you off restaurants to buy a meal to get warm. Whether it’s warm or cold water you’re taking, you won’t snack or want to eat because you’ll feel full. 

Eat at Home

I was always addicted to buying snacks in the streets. However, I noticed that I don’t want to eat junk food after eating at home before going to the market or other places. 

It’s common sense that we eat because we’re hungry. Hence, you won’t crave fast food if you eat at home before leaving the house. Therefore, after doing a 4 hour body workout at home, take a meal before walking out.

Not only will you save money, but you’ll also save yourself from consuming Ferriss’ forbidden fried foods and white carbohydrates. 

Do Enough Exercise

Normalize doing 4 hour body workout at home daily. Better still, walk to the market and back to the house so as to reap the benefits of walking. You can make this possible by avoiding motorbikes if the distance you intend to cover is small. Also, avoid ordering shopping from the house.

It would be better to walk as if you’re in a rush so as to increase the heartbeat. 

Keep off the Kitchen

Once you’ve taken your last meal, clean the utensils and brush your teeth. This is a good way of alerting your mind that the next meal should be taken the next day. Lock the kitchen, if you can, especially if you have to go past it to the bedroom or restroom.

This stops you from remembering the leftover food that you might want to eat. 

Avoid Skipping Breakfast

One mistake you must avoid is skipping breakfast if you want to benefit from the 4 hour body workout at home. While skipping breakfast seems like a great idea for weight loss, it actually isn’t. Here’s why.

When you skip breakfast, you get hungry sooner.

Consequently, you end up eating more meals in a day and gaining weight despite strictly following a 4 hour body workout at home schedule.

Eat More Veggies

Eating more veggies is a sure way to stay full and stop consuming a lot of daily food. So, when you feel hungry, take a portion of veggies or salads. Also, have more veggies on your plate than meat and other foods. 

Apart from keeping you from eating more, veggies are also ideal for people struggling with constipation. 

Parting Shot

A 4 hour body workout at home is effective, and those who have followed it strictly have seen awesome results. The primary thing is to ensure that you’re doing low-intensity cardio to keep yourself from the need to eat more.

However, consider taking the right meals if you choose to do HIIT. Avoid white carbohydrates such as white rice and bread. When you need to eat, please have more veggies on your plate.

While Timothy Ferriss says eating meat is okay, overeating meat is more harmful than good. If you feel addicted to meat and white carbohydrates, wait until the cheat day. Eat all that you wish. 

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